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Do you know how precious you are?  Do you know that there is something within you that is sacred, creative, and brilliant?

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Your soul is calling you to a more meaningful life. Together we'll find the way.

There is a unique wisdom, a powerful singular medicine hidden within you that is only yours to bring to the world. And the world needs you now, more than ever. But maybe, like most people, you have hidden away your genius while living a life that is just okay… or maybe not even okay.


In my years of coaching people in various stages of life transitions, I have seen the pattern over and over again.  The old life with all of its constraints falls apart, allowing something deeper and more powerful to finally emerge.  This is not a catastrophe. This is grace. This is Love of the Highest Order.  

If you have come to this page in a moment of discontent, spiritual clarity, or “accidental” synchronicity, your soul is calling to you.  It takes a maverick’s heart to sweep away the rubble of a mundane life to find the hidden treasure of your Inner Wisdom’s call.  The maverick in me recognizes and welcomes the maverick in you.

I want to help you find your way to your gold.  Are you up for the greatest inner adventure of your life?  Are you ready to bring the Medicine that you ARE to the world? 

I honour the Spiritually Motivated Maverick within you.  

I can’t wait to see you shine!

Programs & Services

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Upward Spiral Life House

Group Mentoring, Learning and Support for the Spiritually Motivated Soul

Are you looking for connection with other spiritually motivated souls?

Upward Spiral Life House is a community of support for spiritually motivated individuals living their unique path from the wisdom of their Higher Self. Twice a month, I provide coaching and mentorship for real-world struggles and celebrations, and together we deepen our trust of our own inner genius. 

Spiritually Motivated Coaching

Your soul is calling you to a more meaningful life. We can help you get there.

Are you looking for individualized 1-on-1 coaching and support for your inspired life journey?  Tammy St Amand specializes in guiding spiritually motivated people in making a life-transforming shift – from fear, struggle and not-enoughness, to a joyful, expansive life of inspired purpose and meaning. 

I will guide you to the brilliant wisdom that is already present within you, while offering support and accountability to love yourself in the way that only you can.

Connect with me for a Free 30-minute Discovery Session, or to request individual pricing, coaching packages, and availability.

Therapy Session


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Alida S.

“Tammy is an awesome facilitator and creates meaningful course material. Classes are a blend of teaching, discussion, exploring the concepts and practical home study.” 


Deb H.

"Rev Tammy has a gentle and respectful way of facilitating. I'll be back for more.” 



"It was warm and wonderful, the boost in consciousness, in wisdom gathered, and how it worked with my sense of wellbeing, I'm just not afraid anymore; I can take things as they come and know all is well.”


Lydia S.

“It brought me into a more meditative balanced frame of mind and understanding the way of natural evolution of things just by continuing to be my authentic self.”

Your soul is calling you to a more meaningful life. 
Together, we will find the way.

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