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Co-Founding Spiritual Directors

Steph & Tammy St. Amand

Meet Steph

Philosopher, Mystic, Oneness Enthusiast. 


​Famous for RANTS and Powerful Prayer, I am also an award-winning, international best-selling author and speaker.  As a Spiritual Healing Practitioner and Ordained New Thought Minister,  my purpose is to teach, preach, and live the Gospel of Love. I support people in co-creating a healthy, vibrant and radically joyful life, using tools and principles found through ancient times and modern days.  There is nothing greater to me than empowering and inspiring my clients in the journey of self-discovery, purpose, and vision by recognizing the Infinite Power within them. ​

Called to ministry at the age of 10, I took a winding path of spiritual evolution before I completed years of training in the Metaphysical realm and Spiritual Psychology. Using these teachings, I help reveal and remove blocks to personal healing and transformation and support the awakening within my clients, high spiritual consciousness and deep understanding of One's Personal Power in cultivating a radically joyful life. 

  • Consciously Co-Create Your Day

    25 min

    45 Canadian dollars

Meet Tammy

a Catalyst for Awakening

I am a poet at heart, and I sometimes think that my calling as an ordained minister with the Centers for Spiritual Living has mainly functioned to allow me to be a loving and compassionate witness to the poetry in the lives of those I reach and teach.  You are all astoundingly, sacredly, beautiful. 

My deepest joys come from teaching, storytelling, coaching, harmonizing with my spouse’s amazing voice, and writing.  Each of these wonderful activities helps me to fulfill my purpose, which is to serve Love, and each are practices that support me in choosing each day to awaken to my highest Self.

I guide, mentor, and teach programs for spiritual awakening to creating peace, joy, and harmony in each person’s life.  I delve into wisdom teachings from many corners of the world for spiritual tools and practices that awaken each of us to the magnificent Truth that we are one with each other and One with the Divine. 

You are precious and holy.  You are not alone.  You are the unfolding brilliance of Divine Light, and I am blessed that you are here.

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Together, We Serve Love and Radical Acceptance.

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