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Leadership Council

Steph St. Amand, Chair

Leah Schroeder, Treasurer

Peg Bobber, Secretary


Enjoy being in a room full of love?

We are seeking Conscious Leaders with Non-Profit experience for openings on our Board of Trustees. If this is you, please email

Here's what you need to know.png
Here's what you need to know...

Requirements to be on the board:

  •  Participation within the 1 Love Awakening Soul Community for a minimum of 6 months

  • Have taken at least one Foundational Science of Mind Class

  • Feel called to be a thriving and supporting member of the Soul Community, and to do your best at inspiring others in the community to Awaken Love

  • Demonstrate a prosperity consciousness and financial contribution to 1 Love Awakening Society

Qualities that we're looking for:

  • Friendly, loving, kind, generous

  • Business acumen, experience in marketing and growth

  • Community leadership, innovation, collaboration

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