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Upward Spiral Life House

Group Mentoring, Learning and Support for the Spiritually Motivated Soul

Are you looking for connection with other spiritually motivated souls learning and deepening into the flow of an inspired life?


Join us 2 Mondays each month to support your Upward Spiral to the inspired life your soul is calling you to live.

Upward Spiral Life House is a community of support for spiritually motivated individuals living their unique path from the wisdom of their Higher Self.  Twice a month, I provide coaching and mentorship around your real-world struggles and celebrations, and together we deepen our trust of our own inner genius.  As we connect with each other for community support, we create a safe and welcoming space for our souls to discover and explore a life of purpose and meaning.

Your soul is calling you to a more meaningful life. 
Together, we will find the way.

The current Life House Session is closed.  If you would like to know when the next session is starting or have questions, please email

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