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1 Love Practitioners & Spiritual Coaches

A spiritual coach or licensed practitioner is someone who has trained in the art and science of affirmative prayer (also called spiritual mind treatment).


Practitioners see the divine magnificence in every person and know the greater good in every situation. They are committed to their own spiritual practice and they are in service to others. Let them support you in finding the divine truth in your current situation. If you are facing a challenge in your life; if you are feeling lost in any way; or if you just want to be reminded of the greatness within you, consult a spiritual coach.

Deb Haun, RScP

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I became a licensed Spiritual Practitioner in 2007 in Temecula Valley, and joined 1 Love Awakening in January 2021. I enjoy confidential one-on-one healing sessions, and facilitating workshops on The Power of Drumming, Heart and Mind Connection, and the power of Blessing. I have served as a Chaplin Volunteer at Loma Linda Hospital in California, as well as past President of San Diego League of Practitioners.

My Sacred Covenant with the Divine and my Practitioner Ministry is to use Mental and Spiritual skills to discard the separation of false beliefs from the believer, and to transform and awaken personal empowerment for my clients to live in harmony with Intelligent life force.

I am also available for Celebration of Life services and marriage renewals.

Deb is available for Private & Confidential Practitioner Sessions. 

Lori Schultz Eide, RScP

I am a Licensed New Thought Practitioner and Certified Reiki Healer at 1 Love Awakening. After growing up in California, I moved north to attend college at the University of Washington. I loved the Pacific Northwest so much that after 30+ years, I'm still proud to call this beautiful state my home. I love travel and world cultures and believe that my soul's purpose is Divinely guided towards helping people around the world experience ultimate joy, find their truth, and live life to the fullest expression of Universal love and oneness.


I am honored to make 1LoveAwakening my spiritual home. I passionately dedicate my time and energy to spiritual development and growth, and helping people build nature-based opportunities in their local communities. Nature is where I go to get grounded and want to share my love of the environment and all living beings with others. 

 My daily spiritual practice includes sitting and walking meditation, exploring Science of Mind principles, and Reiki energetic healing. Combining expertise in New Thought practices with my Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki I & II certification and crystal singing bowl sound healing, I offer personalized in-person and distance healing sessions, a sacred spiritually-guided experience, to help my clients with energetic healing, chakra tuning, and spiritual guidance.

Lori is available for private & confidential healing sessions.

Thelma Rusack, 1Love Practitioner

TP010 - Thelma Rusack.jpg

I am a Third Culture Kid (TCK), blessed with the privilege of growing up in different countries. Although both my parents are from the Philippines, I never lived there.  Home was any country the United Nations assigned my father.  After graduating from the American Community School of Beirut, Lebanon, I went to college in the U.S. and earned a B.S. in Biochemistry.  

The experience of living in different cultures made me aware that we are all interconnected. Discovering New Thought principles and Ernest Holmes teachings confirmed my belief that we are all unique expressions of Divine Spirit.  I am a seeker of Truth.  Becoming a Licensed Practitioner has deepened my relationship with the Presence and the Power of the Divine Spirit within. I believe in the power of community as a place for support, growth, opening and bridging hearts and awakening people all over the world.  It is a privilege and honor to serve as a practitioner at 1LoveAwakening as it aligns with who I am, a TCK, a global citizen.  

Thelma is available for Private & Confidential Practitioner Sessions.

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