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Thanks for finding us!

A Community of Souls walking the Spiritual Path together

Welcome to the 1 Love Awakening Soul Community!  We are so grateful that you have found your way here. 


Your Inner Wisdom (Spirit Within) has guided you to the right and perfect community to support your growth, expansion, and a profound shift into the brilliance that you are.  The 1 Love Awakening Soul Community is a loving, deepening, soul-nourishing container for awakening and transformation in all areas of our lives.  We are awakening humans who are awakening humanity. 

We are so grateful that you are here, sharing your wisdom and Light with this beloved community of the like-Spirited.  We are blessed by your presence. Welcome home!

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Spiritual Nourishment for the heart, mind, and soul.

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5:30pm PT/ 7:30pmCT 

Deep Soul Meditation is deeply healing, deeply grounding, and deeply delicious.

Explore the Infinite Playground with Rev. Steph

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First Monday of each month 

5 pm Pacific Time (7 Central / 8 Eastern.)

A drop-in discussion group where we learn, grow, and share how we apply Science of Mind Principles in our day-to-day lives, together.

Monday Musings


Community Connection Night

Come as you are!  Bring a Friend!

Join the Soul Community on Zoom for a time of connection and conversation.


Come.  Be Loved. 

4th Friday of the month
5:30pm PT/ 7:30pmCT