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What is the Science of Mind - Workbook

Principles for Successful Living Guided by Rev. Steph St. Amand


This is the companion workbook for week 1 of Principles for Successful Living on the Topic: 4 Propositions of Living the Science of Mind. Living the Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes, pg 1-6


Dive deeply into Science of Mind & Spirit, study boldly the universal principles that govern a life well lived and solidify deep community connection through walking this path together.


  • Deepen our understanding of the Power within us, the same Power that governs the Universe
  • Discover new perspectives and ideas on how to live a radically authentic life
  • Strengthen our Faith in the Power of our Unique and Individualized use of Infinite Mind
  • Reveal, through conscious conversations, practical ways to embody Divine Law and Love into our daily lives

What is the Science of Mind - Workbook

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