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Do you feel out of place in your life and work?  Maybe you feel like an orange and purple sunrise in a greyscale world.  Or maybe you feel like a field of infinite possibilities stuck on an assembly line conveyer belt.  Or maybe you are a silly sock monkey trying to make yourself fit in robot-land. 


I remember how painful it was when my life felt out of sync with my True Self.  It seemed that everyday I would look around me and wonder, “is this really all there is?”  Feeling empty, and adrift, desperate to fill the hole in my spirit, I found myself sinking into depression and addiction. 


Sound familiar?


This is how it feels when our carefully constructed lives don’t match the essential Truth of who we are.  And often in the midst of this struggle, when we see the tiniest beacon of potential for creating a different kind of life, we get blocked with fear paralysis.  We stop ourselves from making a change before we even begin to step in the direction that our Highest Self knows is our Truth. 

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But I learned the hard way that there’s no security in living someone else’s life.  When we’re not living our True life, we’re living in a house of cards, just ready to fall. 


Your True security is in the unshakable foundation of your personal Inspired Inner Wisdom.  This is what it means to Follow Your Flow. Your Flow is a unique, individualized, creative powerhouse that is ready to carry you to Freedom   Your Inspired Life is waiting for you to trust it, and believe me, the world needs more people who are living their Truth.

Are you ready to learn how to shift from mundane to Inspired? 

Are you ready to shift from fear to Freedom? 

Are you ready to get un-stuck and

Follow Your Flow?

Join me for Follow Your Flow – Creating an Inspired Life, a 5-week journey to overcome the fear of your own Brilliance and trust the power of your Inner Wisdom. 

Tuesdays at 5:00pm PT/7:00pm CT

Beginning June 22, 2021

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