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A Mystics Guid to Unleashing Your Sacred Success with Steph St. Amand

“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.”  

Henry David Thoreau 

You have one thing to understand: your own soul – a unique and exquisite song – you are singular and like no other.  You don’t need to rush; you are functioning in Divine Time.  Who is rushing you? The external. The Internal is the inter-beingness of Universal Oneness, and there is no thing outside of Now.  

You are magnificent at 1 Love Awkaneing

"To understand something completely, is to be able to explain it simply"  
Albert Einstein 

Understanding spiritual laws and principles that govern the universe is the greatest key to unlocking your raw, innate potential in your Life’s work.  There is one thing that is inside of you that is bursting at the seams and ready for you to discover.  You have felt this burning desire to scream from a mountain top, “I’m ready for more!”   

Awaken to your Divine Self with 1 Love Awakening

Let me help you release the stress and anxiety, worry and self-doubt, about starting your own Professional Practice or endeavouring into self-employment opportunities. Join me for a Mindfully paced journey to awaken the Entrepreneurial Spirit calling to get out.  

Awaken your soul’s purpose and discover your heart’s personal mission 

This is a Consciousness Adventure for the heart and mind of

a  Spiritually Motivated Soul.

Making your business a

Spiritual Enterprise in alignment

with who you are, your values,

and what makes your

heart sing

is one surefire way to ensure your longevity and success. 

Find your true direction with 1 Love Awakening

Discover Your

  • core values beneath your unique and unrepeatable Self

  • the inherent and powerful potentiality within you

  • why and the lines in the sand

Cultivate Your

  • personal vision, mission and purpose statements that will carry your life’s work into being 

  • personal branding that best suits your life’s call 

Create Your

  • sacred convent with Spirit (a.k.a. a business plan for the spiritually motivated)

Discover the work of art that is already within you at 1 Love Awakening

Let Spirit Lead You

Steph St Amand

Whether or not your business idea is spiritually based, you are.  That’s why I’ve designed this program to support the Soul of your Start-Up, the heart-space of your professional practice, and Light that only you can shine.


You can see all over social media and the internet people selling programs like “7-days to a 7-figure income” and “5 days to your first 5K”.  Although, I believe that is possible, most of their clients aren’t going to see 5 figure incomes because it is more about our consciousness and what we believe about ourselves than about the that 1K a day "side hussle".

That way just isn't for me, and I'm sensing that if you have found yourself reading this, we're probably a lot alike. 

Theologian, philosopher, and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Albert Schweitzer wrote, “Impart as much as you can of your spiritual being to those on the path with you, and accept as something precious that which comes back to you.”

By the end you will have:

  • a personal mission, purpose, and vision statement as unique as you are

  • a greater confidence in the gift you share with the world when you live your authentic and true self

  • a deeper understanding of Spiritual Laws that govern the universe and the power you have access to from the very core of your Divine Self.

  • a personalized, Spirit-led and Spirit-fed road map to your sacred success (a business plan for the spiritually motivated)

  • a sense that the Universe is conspiring for your highest good

“There is nothing with which every man is so afraid as getting to know how enormously much he is capable of doing and becoming.”
Soren Kierkegaard   

Next Session Starting 
January 2024

Want to start in the January Session?

Click here for the waitlist.

This is a 3-month program on the 2 & 4 Mondays starting January 9th

5:00pm Pacific, 6:00pm Mountain, 7:00pm Central, 8:00pm Eastern

Click here to download full Schedule.

Would a daytime work better for your schedule? We'd like to make that happen.

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Join the Adventure and
Unleash Your Sacred Success Today

Best Value

Unleash Your Sacred Success 1X Payment



1 Time Payment

Valid for 3 months

Best Value

Unleash Your Sacred Success 3 Payments



Every month

Payment Plan Option of $111 monthly for 3 months

Valid for 3 months

Note Worthies:

  • Rev. Steph also accepts trades in services, and talent/skill shares.

  • If you have questions or would like to discuss your success journey or collab ideas with 1 Love Awakening, email

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