You are the Gift

Mental and emotional sunshine is a way to keep everything growing in your mind with new ideas, new interests, and new ways of doing things. Hi, my name is Deb Haun, and I am a Spiritual Practitioner with 1 Love Awakening.

Creative power is an awareness of Self to Demonstrate Life experiences through the Law of Mind. I am doing a workshop this holiday Season to bring awareness to our Mind and Heart Broadcasting system. It’s the One Universal Mind, coupled with emotional sunshine to stimulate yourself and recognize your Divine nature to experience youthfulness, love, joy, and happiness. Praising yourself is a hidden key into your personal power and raising your consciousness.  To bless others, we learn to experience the Giver and the Gift.


It’s mental and emotional Goodness to co-create with God. YOU Are The Gift.


Divine Love and Compassion is an ebb and flow skill for creating your Good.  Come and learn how to increase your internal sunshine in my upcoming workshop, YOU Are The Gift. A Holiday workshop to raise your conscious awareness  of your personal Heart and Mind Broadcasting power.

Praise yourself and bless others.

Saturday December 18, 2021

11am – 2pm PT, 1 – 4 pm Central, 2 - 5pm Eastern


Come see how the Giver and the Gift are One, especially since YOU Are The Gift.

Have questions before registering? Connect with Deb at