"There is a Power in the Universe greater than we are, and we can use it." Dr. Ernest Holmes

Begin where you are and celebrate the journey you are on.  Join Rev. Steph for an 8-week action pack and growth-filled adventure as we study the Foundations of Science of Mind and Spirit and learn how you can apply spiritual principles and practices to deeply enrich your daily life.  

Thursdays 7:00pm Central/ 5:00pm Pacific

Starting June 23, 2022

Together, we will learn...

  • Have a greater understanding of Spirit’s relationship to the individual.

  •  Understand the Creative Process

  •  Begin to understand personal beliefs and how these influence their experience

  •  Have an understanding of the power and creative potential of visualization

  •  Begin to incorporate spiritual practice into their daily life

  •  Begin to use Spiritual Mind Treatment as a means of directing thought toward a specific result.

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