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“I Love and Approve of myself.”

I first heard those words directly from Louise Hay’s mouth on stage just three rows away from her, my jaw dropped and my eyes zeroed in on her eyes. I thought to myself, “No one ever gave me permission or encouraged me to speak the words I love myself.”

As a self-learner, it is my mom that sought knowledge from books, and I followed her lead. I cherish the many books I have. Still, I knew early on in my young teens that I wanted emotional and spiritual tools to guide my way through life's light and dark experiences. In the lonely, sad, angry, and fearful moments, I always turned to prayer. Inner prayer. A sanctuary of hope and unconditional love emerged a love practice with Spiritual Law Principles to create harmony with Nature as my life unfolded.

Join Deb Haun on
February 11, 2023

11PM Pacific - 2:00PM PT
12PM MT / 1PM CT / 2PM ET

This Self-Care workshop addresses being consciously aware to be the love, then share it, and bless Life through Universal Law, Spirit, One-Mind. Giving, Giving, Giving, all the while, Receiving, Receiving, Receiving. 

This Workshop is for anyone grappling with anger, fear, worry, lack or limitation, it is Self-Love and Self-Caring that is Universal Healthcare in the making. We are Light Beings, individual Souls surrounded in the Collective Conscious. As we lift our love-care we lift everyone around us. 

Self-Care is knowing everything is energy. Our body is Energetic. Energy travels by thought and feelings, Co-Creation. Love expands our Good, for ourselves and others.

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Will you join me! It is my quest to share what I know of self-care and how to expand Loving-Power to those in need. I want to reach the youth that wants to end their life before they act. Forgive me if I appear afraid myself. I too am growing and evolving into my Magnificence. Marianne Williamson addresses this fear, with the premise it can be challenging to be with our Greatness.

This is a LOVE OFFERING-based event
Saturday, February 11
11PM Pacific - 2:00PM PT

12PM MT / 1PM CT / 2PM ET

Limited Seats Available - Suggested Donation $25

Please email Deb Haun at for questions or more information.

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