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Ageless Wisdom for a Life of Abundance and Purpose


Facilitator: Rev. Steph St. Amand


This is a 4-week program, Prosperity: Revealing Ageless Wisdom on a Life of Abundance and Purpose.  Based on the book Prosperity, by Charles Fillmore.  Sessions are recorded. 

Expectations and Goals

This “Pioneering Guide to Unlocking Your Mental Power” coursework will heighten your understanding of the spiritual nature of abundance.  If you commit to the coursework laid within, by the end of this 4-week experience, you will have discovered the unlocking of your Divine Sacred Self and feel connected to your true abundant nature of Being. 

Required Materials

If you choose to purchase a copy of Prosperity:  Discover the Spiritual Secrets to a Life of Abundance and Purpose, by Charles Fillmore.  ISBN 9781585426744  However, a PDF version of the book is included in this course.

  • A journal or paper handy

  • Pens, pencils or colouring markers available

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