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Are you a Truth Seeker? Do you like to engage in metaphysical material beyond just reading the words?
Would you like to dive deeper into your understanding of practical and usable spiritual teachings and discover your own personal power?

“This science necessarily starts with the proposition that we are living in a Spiritual Universe whose sole government is one of Harmony, and that the use of right ideas is the enforcement of its Law.”

Living the Science of Mind, Pg. 1


The wisdom of the Universe is just a thought away.

For a new school of thought, Rev. Steph warmly invites you to participate in a new (mostly weekly) opportunity for personal growth and spiritual development:


Principles for Successful Living for the Spiritual Motivated


Vision: We deeply understand and embody the Law of Mind & Spirit and how we can use It to better our lives and the lives of everyone around us. 

Wednesdays @ 11:00am Central time

9AM PT/ 10AM MT/ 12PM ET 



Dive deeply into Science of Mind & Spirit, study boldly the universal principles that govern a life well lived and solidify deep community connection through walking this path together.

We're here to... (our mission)

  • Deepen our understanding of the Power within us, the same Power that governs the Universe

  • Discover new perspectives and ideas on how to live a radically authentic life

  • Strengthen our Faith in the Power of our Unique and Individualized use of Infinite Mind

  • Reveal, through conscious conversations, practical ways to embody Divine Law and Love into our daily lives

1 Love's Values and Guiding Principles leading us...

Love & Connection, Higher Self, Inner Journey, Authenticity & Vulnerability

Wednesdays @ 11AM Central

9AM Pacific, 10AM Mountain, 12:00pm Eastern


Sign up on the Website - Pick your own price

Duration:  1 hour, unless we are really digging into it, then an extra 30 minutes will be offered.

Books:  You don’t need to have your own copies, each week will be a unique stand-alone topic from Living the Science of Mind and Science of Mind by Dr. Ernest Holmes.  Modern and contemporary sources will be used to support today’s language on the same topics.

You may also un-intentionally...

  • Gain confidence in your inner wisdom

  • Find clarity on your soul’s path

  • Connect with your highest self

  • and...

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Please email for questions, coaching, or speaking opportunities.

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