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There is something precious and unique and unduplicatable within us all.  Every step we take in our lives is an expression of the Infinite Life that will never be repeated by another being. 

You are irreplaceable and important.  But what are you here to do? To be?  How has your Inner Wisdom designed your life to express the Divine within you?  Do you know the steps to your own unique Dance with Infinite Grace? 

It takes a maverick’s heart to even see the possibility of dancing to the song of your soul.  But it is when we begin to acknowledge our unique gifts that our hearts can open fully to the profound joy of life.  I am never more alive than when I live in my purpose. I suspect the same is true for you.

I want to offer you a way to find your own sacred expression.  Are you up for an inner journey with me?  Together we will gently, lovingly, discover our unique dance and celebrate our highest joy. 


Ready to Live on Purpose?

Free Workshop – Saturday, October 10, 2020 at 10:00AM Pacific time

(11:00AM Mountain, 12:00PM-Noon Central, 1:00PM Eastern)

Followed by:

6 Weekly Classes – Thursday evenings, October 15, 2020 to November 19, 2020 at 5:30PM Pacific time (6:30PM Mountain, 7:30PM Central, 8:30PM Eastern)

Investment – sliding scale – starting at $89

This is what our 6 weeks together will look like:

October 15:  First Step – Step onto the Dance Floor– The Decision

October 22:  Second Step – Find Your Inner Rhythm (or, Who am I, anyway?)

October 29:  Third Step – Hear Your Song, Feel Your Spirit Move

November 5:  Fourth Step – Claim Your Dance, Shake what your Mama Gave you, Celebrate!

November 12:  Fifth Step – Surrender, Surrender, Surrender… and Love Every Step

November 19:  Sixth Step – Take a Bow– Affirm Your Essential Self

Tammy May 23 2020 (24) - Cropped and enh

Here is what I commit to you:

  • I promise that this contemplative journey will be a love-fest of self-kindness, even as we stand eye-to-eye with the fears that prevented us from seeing the grace that is already present within us.  (Hint: What we fear is not as big as our light, it just creates a big shadow) 

  • I promise that we will have practices to help us focus on each step of the journey without pressure or expectations

  • I promise that we will celebrate with each other, we will allow ourselves to be lost (and found) in play, we will gift ourselves with luxurious joy

  • I promise that we will give ourselves permission daily to choose to move forward, or backward, or sideways, or not at all, and then we will allow our inner love to guide our steps

Are you ready?  I’m ready to live my Life on Purpose and Dance with Infinite Grace.  I hope you join me! 

Get ready to Transform your Life

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