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A Path to a Thriving and Prosperous Life for the Spiritually Motivated

“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.”  

Henry David Thoreau 

For the Spiritual Coach, Minister, Healing Practitioner, and Lightworker, or simply anyone that wants to discover a path to a purposeful and divinely directed life.

Whether or not your business idea is spiritually based, you are. You are a Spiritually Motivated person who wants to make an impact by imparting your unique perspective into the world. What ever that might be! That’s why I’ve designed this program to support the Soul of your Start-Up.

A Sentient Being.png

There is one thing that is inside of you that is bursting at the seams and ready for you to discover.  You have felt this burning desire to scream from a mountaintop, “I’m ready for more!”   

I can feel your call from here. Like me, you are exhausted from seeing all the social media ads of people selling programs like “7-days to a 7-figure income” and “5 days to your first 5K”.  And because you and I both know that it is “done unto us as we believe” and that it is “our thinking that makes it so”, we need a little more guidance from the Infinite Intelligence that is accessible to us It is our very birthright. Our guaranteed success in the Art of Being Ourselves is our inheritance. 

We need to involve our Higher Self in our business, and not just our spiritual life. 

Awaken to your Divine Self with 1 Love Awakening

Does this sound good to you?

Making your Life a Spiritual Enterprise in alignment with who you are, your values, and what makes your heart sing is one surefire way to ensure your longevity and success.  

Nobel Peace Prize winner, Albert Schweitzer wrote, “Impart as much as you can of your spiritual being to those on the path with you, and accept as something precious that which comes back to you.” 

This is a Consciousness Adventure for the heart and mind of

a  Spiritually Motivated Soul.

Who this Program is for:

•    Individuals with a spiritual coaching or practitioner background seeking guidance on turning their ideas into a business.

•    Those excited about new ideas for a spiritual ministry, practice, or business but unsure of where to begin.

•    Spiritual practitioners or lightworkers aiming to establish a professional practice but lacking business knowledge.

•    Entrepreneurs in the spiritual field who have started a business but seek clearer direction and improved self-promotion skills.

•    Individuals aspiring to boost confidence and become successful entrepreneurs in the spiritual coaching realm.

•    Those desiring to integrate their spiritual and work lives, fostering satisfaction and joy in all aspects.

•    Individuals prepared to invest in personal and professional growth towards self-fulfillment in the spiritual coaching field.

Awaken to your Divine Self with 1 Love Awakening

Find Yourself in that list?

This is a 3-month program with the intention to take you from concept to launch, with the Mind of the Divine leading and guiding you through every step. 

We will meet on Zoom the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month, and a calendar with details will be sent to you.  7:00pm Central Time, 5:00pm Pacific, 6:00pm Mountain, 8:00pm Eastern

What You Receive:

  • 6 Sessions of 90 minutes each, please book an extra 30 minutes for deeper personal reflection and over-flow

  • 30-minute personal clarity sessions,

  • recordings of all sessions

  • Tips, tools, resources

  • And, a full step-by-step process to take you from idea to launching your business

  • And, a beautiful community of people on the path with you and want you to succeed!

Personal Investment

3-month Program – Special Loved One Rate $333 (Value $649)

  • Discover Divine Clarity of your values, your vision, mission, and purpose!

  • Awaken Your Potential, expand and grow your confidence and self-awareness of the wisdom within your magnificent mind, and the ability to draw clear information from your higher self.

  • Empower Your Infinite Light and encourage the Light within to shine brightly, so that you can better help your clients, and impact the world.

  • Unleash Your Confident Soul and allow your unmeasurable creativity, divine competency, and unlimited success to flow freely.

At the end of our time together you will have had the opportunity to create a complete business or life plan to guide you in all that you do; a transformational inward journey to a thriving and prosperous life.

Let Spirit Lead You

Rev Steph St Amand.jpg

 As a Consciousness Coach and Ordained New Thought Minister, my purpose is to teach and live the Gospel of Love. I support people in co-creating a healthy, vibrant and radically joyful life, using tools and principles found through ancient times and modern days.  There is nothing greater to me than empowering and inspiring my clients in the journey of self-discovery, purpose, and vision by recognizing the Infinite Power within them. 

I use deeply intuitive practices and techniques that helped me master Spiritual Laws in my own life, finding my soul's purpose to bring this teaching of radical joy to the world.

Theologian, philosopher, and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Albert Schweitzer wrote, 

“Impart as much as you can of your spiritual being to those on the path with you, and accept as something precious that which comes back to you.”

Are you Ready to Unleash Your Sacred Success? 
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Note Worthies:

  • Rev. Steph also accepts trades in services, and talent/skill shares.

  • If you have questions or would like to discuss your success journey or collab ideas with 1 Love Awakening, email

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