How to Treat Yourself

Your Magical Toolbox for a Brighter Tomorrow

Learn the Art and Science of Spiritual Mind Treatment

with Rev. Steph

Hey Bright and Beautiful Soul,


There was a time in my life when I struggled deeply with severe depression and chronic anxiety disorder.  My whole existence was painful, days I couldn't get out of bed, hold a job or even knew what a loving relationship was.  I was mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually worn out. 

Then I found the one simple spiritual tool, when practiced consistently and effectively, completely transformed my life.


This 2-hour workshop is just scratching the surface of the Power that is within you to transform your own life.  In How to Treat Yourself, you will:


  • learn the fundamental elements of Spiritual Mind Treatment, a.k.a Affirmative Prayer or Prayer Meditation

  • receive valuable resources to continue your spiritual practice on your own 

  • scratch the surface of why and how Affirmative Prayer works

  • get excited about learning more Principles & Practices on your transformational journey to a brighter tomorrow. 

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