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Job Seekers Connection

Community of support & guidance for the Spiritually Motivated Job Seeker.

Are you tired of working in mundane day-to-day jobs that don't resonate with your spirit? 
Would you like support, guidance, and pragmatic steps to help you find your path to the kind of work that makes your soul sing? 


Join me every Monday to get you primed and ready to move powerfully into your week of job search.

Each week, we will talk in practical terms about the issues that are arising for you in your search for meaningful work.  I will provide tools, steps, and support to help you maintain your enthusiasm and positive energy for the journey, and to shift your perspective to a new way of thinking about job search.

Mondays | 11:30 AM Pacific Time, 
12:30 PM MT, 1:30 PM CT, 2:30 PM ET 
$10 Drop-In, Weekly Registration Required

Your soul is calling you to a more meaningful life. 
Together, we will find the way.

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