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Book Study:  The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible
A Season for Non-Violence Offering 
Author: Charles Eisenstein

As we enter into the Season for Non-Violence, we are called to practice deeper and more impactful ways to support peace in the world.  We are called to find tangible ways to practice the Oneness that we know is the Truth of who we are as individualized expressions of the Divine.

Approaching the Season for Non-Violence within a world climate of pandemic, racial struggles, political upheaval, and economic crises, we looked for a book that would challenge us to think differently about the issues we see.  This is such a book. 

“In a time of social and ecological crisis, what can we as individuals do to make the world a better place?  This thought-provoking book serves as an empowering antidote to the cynicism, frustration, and paralysis so many of us are feeling, replacing it with a grounding reminder of what’s true: we are all connected, and our personal choices bear unsuspected transformational power.  By fully embracing and practicing this principle of interconnectedness, we become more effective agents of change and have a stronger positive influence on the world.

Come be with us!  Embrace love and oneness as the medicine the world needs.

Throughout the book, Charles Eisenstein relates real-life stories that show how small, individual acts of courage, kindness, and self-trust can change our culture’s guiding narrative of separation…”  (editor’s description from the back cover)

If you are up for the challenge of seeing right through the struggles of these times, to the deeper truth of our inherent wholeness and inseparability, we invite you to come learn with us.  We invite the free flow of heart-centred discussion.  We honor the challenging questions raised.  We encourage deep contemplation.  And we create a supportive container for each to experience our inner wisdom.  

8 Tuesday Evenings – February 1 to March 22nd, 2022 
7:00 PM Central Time
(5:00PM PT, 6:00PM MT, 8:00PM ET)
Cost - By Donation 

Join the 1 Love Awakening spiritual community for this time of conscious evolution.  We're just good people walking each other home.